Prophet of Crypto
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The Prophet

Hon. Dr. Rabbi Sol Adoni



247 News – He Speaks and Markets Move

Get Dr Adoni’s Crypto Advisories 


Recently Dr. Adoni’s Public Advisories on Bitcoin

Have been predicting exact movements in Bitcoin

Dr. Adoni is a Legend on the Net

For over 2 Decades his Prophetic Words

Have foretold not only major events in Business

Such as the crash of the .COM Bubble

And the Rise of Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies

But his famous Prophecies as SOLLOG 

Are considered by his fans to be greater than even Nostradamus

Dr. Adoni has consulted with many Intelligence Agencies

Due to his public warnings with exact details about


Oklahoma City Bombing

Paris Massacre

Las Vegas Massacre

As well as his public warnings for events such as

Hurricanes Katrina & Sandy

As well as his public Great Quake Warnings for

2004 Great Quake and Tsunami

Japan Great Quake and Tsunami

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Members also can buy Private Consultations

With the man who knows the future

The Book Series I TIME TRAVEL 

Is an amazing look at the work of Dr. Sol Adoni

Not only has Dr. Adoni proven an ability to walk through time

He has revealed amazing new math theories

His Prime Number Algorithm is used by the NSA

His EOE Theory is in use by Seismic Labs to Predict Quakes

His PDF Formula is used by NASA to locate new planets

His Holographic Universe Theory is now cutting edge Physics

There are lots of FREE ARTICLES on this site

But Members get to know the future of Crypto

Before it happens